Ladislav Poráč – Company Management

Láďa has more than 20 years‘ experience in the printing industry. Since 1995 he’s successfully led a graphic studio; in 2000 he became a co-owner of the printing house and in 2006 A.R. Garamond expanded to include a printing and bookbinding shop. Láďa is dedicated to customer service, management and the whole company’s development.

Mirka Poráčová – Company Management

Mirka worked in brand marketing; she has 15 years‘ experience at Unilever; later Insiqua and Maspex ČR. She has been working at A.R. Garamond since 2009 and is dedicated to the management, as well as company and marketing delvelopment.

Monika Herrová – Customer Service Manager

Monika has worked in FMCG for many years in various management positions in the logistics field. Since 2017, she has been running customer services at A.R. Garamond.

Jiří Smíšek – Production Manager

Jirka is a trained printer who graduated in polygraphy. Before joining A.R. Garamond in 2007, he worked in the screen-printing field. In Garamond he leads both the printing and bookbinding production areas.

Roman Hájek – Driver

Following his previous experience as a driver, Roman has been working at A.R. Garamond since 2012.