With current very turbulent digital printing development, offset printing still accounts for more than half of our production, given the order size and its cost-effectiveness on higher orders than digital printing.

For high-cost offset printing we use top Heidelberg printing machines:

  • Highly automated four-colour Heidelberg® Speedmaster® SM 74-4-L B2 format with dispersion lacquer. The wide range of equipment allows maximum print quality and the machine’s other advantage is that the printed matter is dry after the dispersion coating and can go through the bookbinding process almost immediately. This compares the printing speed with digital printing.
  • We also use the Heidelberg® Speedmaster® SM 52 two-colour printing machine, which we use for printing low-cost printed materials such as business cards, labels or package inserts.

For offset printing we commonly use very accurate densitometric and spectrophotometric printing value measurements.

We‘re Heidelberg and FSC® certified.